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  3. GOT7's Ideal Type Based on Their Interview When a celeb gets featured in a magazine, or is a guest on a TV show, there must be some kind of interview, right? And if it's an idol group, there is a certain question that must be answered by them, and that is a questions about their ideal type
  4. kpop got7 got7 ideal type got7 ideal types got7 scenario kpop scenario mark yugyeom jackson wang jaebum jinyoung youngjae bambam ideal types kpop ideal types scenarios. 555 notes. Reblog. Wow I finally fit a k-pop idol his ideal type, sign me the fuck up Bobby. verjinsextape.

K-STARS IDEAL TYPES. Idols' Ideal Types Compilation: GOT7. Aug 16, 2018 · Updated : Nov 8, 2019 · 28,560 Views · 21. K-idols are in the midst of attention as they revealed their own ideal types. Most stars' equable ideal types make their fans imagine how to be near to her ideal type. But don't judge a thing by just what you see since some of the stars have occasionally changed their ideal. This was the opinions of myself and some research I have found online! In no way shape or form is this 100% accurate because they can totally date whoever they want! I made this for entertainment. GOT7 Members Profile: GOT7 Ideal Type, GOT7 Facts GOT7 (갓세븐) consists of 7 members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. GOT7 debuted on January 16th 2014, under JYP Entertainment. GOT7 Fandom Name: I GOT7 (Ahgase) GOT7 Official Light Stick Color: Green and White GOT7 Official Accounts: Twitter: @got7official Instagram: @got7.with.igot7 Facebook: GOT7Official.

Jinyoung's ideal type masterpost .•°nightmare°•. 11/15/17 . 1088. 77 ╭──────────╮ h :dvd: l :dvd: it's me again ╰──────────╯ before you read this ↬ please be aware that his ideal type is NOT set on stone. he can date the total opposite. ideal types are meaningless once you find the one. So don't be sad it doesn't resemble you. MARK GOT7 IDEAL TYPE 2019 - Duration: 2:37. EXTRA K-WORLD 18,334 views. 2:37. JUNGKOOK BTS IDEAL TYPE - Duration: 2:22. EXTRA K-WORLD 110,635 views. 2:22. GOT7 Mark Ideal Type Of Girl - Duration. This test was created to show you which GOT7 members Ideal Type you are! Please answer all of the questions honestly, noone's here to judge you

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Mark's ideal type masterpost .•°nightmare°•. 11/09/17 . 1068. 64 ╭────────────╮:hatching_chick: hello ma littol birdies :hatching_chick: ╰────────────╯ before you read this ↬ please be aware that his ideal type is NOT set on stone. he can date the total opposite. ideal types are meaningless once you find the one. So don't be. GOT7's ideal woman might just be you! For a lot of K-pop groups, dating is restricted per their contracts. Although this is the case for some, it does not stop the idols from expressing their ideal types. The guys of GOT7 have not been shy when discussing their ideal type of girls. All members have spoken on the topic on numerous occasions

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[LAST EDITED: 1st June 2019] If you answer these questions with honesty you will see which member's ideal type you are most like (hypothetically)! Enjoy

GOT7 Members' Ideal Type of Woman (Age, Height, and etc

GOT7 ideal types Random. All members' ideal types of their significant other Everything that is written is said by them in interviews, fansigns and fanmeetings. Please be aware that their ideal type is NOT set on stone. They can date the total opposite. Ideal types are mea.. GOT7 is a group with great synergy from the members' distinct characters, and the same applies to their fashion. They allow their personalities to shine through their individual styles! Is your.

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Most GOT7 members are scandal-free, with little to no history of dating rumors. This may be because the boys have been signed into traineeship at relatively young ages, and because JYP Entertainment has years of no-dating policy for its managing artists. Still, the boys share hopes to try dating when they have the time and opportunity Kpopmap: Anywhere In The World. I am happy with who I got because no matter what they are still the same boy's even if they aren't idols and honestly I really don't care if they are idols they all have big hearts and that's enough to give so thank you for giving us music to listen to and music that we can sing along to Love,Emily (Annyeonghi Kaseyo Is your GOT7 soul mate the gentlemanly Jinyoung, or the responsible JB? Take our GOT7 quiz and find out! Take our GOT7 quiz and find out! Hear us on SBS PopAsia Digital Radi Blood Type. A. B. AB. O. Other. My Ideal Type. Mature/Cool. Honest/loyal. Easy going. Sweet/Shy. Outgoing. Cute but sexy too. Sensitive. I am... Easy going. Loud/outgoing. Shy/awkward. Mature/Cool. Quiet/Reserved. Bad tempered. Shy at first then outgoing . The first thing I notice in a person is... Eyes. Height. Face. Personality. Smile. Voice. Body. Teeth. I am usually attracted to the__of a.

GOT7 - Profil des membres - Type idéal GOT7 (갓세븐) est composé de 7 membres: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung (Junior), Youngjae, BamBam et Yugyeom. GOT7 a fait ses débuts le 16 janvier 2014 sous JYP Entertainment. No got7 ideal type kpop ideal type girl's day minah sistar bora apink bomi snsd sunny miss a suzy red velvet irene snsd taeyeon f(x) krystal got7 scenarios got7 kpop got7 jb got7 jackson got7 jinyoung got7 angst got7 aesthetic got7 arrival got7 ships got7 snaps got7 smut got7 dance practice got7 derp got7 drabble got7 fake texts got7 fluff got7 fanfic got7 flight log: arrival got7 headers got7. * First of Chan the leader said that he had no ideal type but he also said that he would like someone that is more of the motherly type. Basically someone that knows how to take care of others, one who has a mature like nature with a nice blend o..

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Willkommen im GOT7 Nutrition Online Shop! Low Carb Produkte wie Protein Chips, Protein Riegel, Flav Drops, Saucen & Protein Pulver direkt vom Hersteller, zum Bestpreis auf GOT7.de. Unsere Produkte unterstützen dich beim Muskelaufbau, der Diät oder deinem Fitnesslifestyle! Passend hierzu findest du leckere und fett- sowie kohlenhydratarme Rezepte direkt von unseren GOT7 - Bloggern. Mit. Anonymous: Got7 ideal type or what you think would be a good match for them personality and physical wise? Their self-proclaimed ideal types Mark : Honestly, knowing where Mark grew up (and growing up in a similar area) and mixing in his personality, I think he'd like sexy girls Which Member Of GOT7 Are You? Hint: it's all of them. by Elaina Wahl. Junior Animals Writer. Answer Image Answer Image Answer Image Answer Image Answer Image Answer Image. Kim Yugyeom's Ideal Type. Anyone that likes him ; Someone pretty similar to him so he doesn't have to work too hard to figure them out; Someone who is mature; Hard worker; Someone on the taller side, but still shorter than him; Has a unique charm; Someone who thinks outside of the box; Supportive of his work; Willing to make fun of him; Someone who will PRANK HIM (lol) But will let him.

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BTS Ideal Type . 1. Ideal Looks . Rap Monster: A sexy girl who can converse with me for a long with a nice voice, is appropriately tall, has pale skin, feminine girl, looks good in a white T-shirt + Jeans + Red Converse High . Jin: A girl whose looks and personality is similar to that of a puppy, whose good at cooking, kind and takes good care of me. J-Hope: Likes books and takes good care of. Mark ideal type of a woman is someone who could make him want to spend time with her. Consider reading a full biography of BTS members profile as the top-ranked Kpop group here => Jackson GOT7 Members Profil Ideal Type of Woman. Jackson said his ideal woman Has healthy skin, is a bit tanned, and has a bright smile. He also mentioned that he likes women with dark complexions, and that his ideal type is Song Ga Yeon, an MMA fighter, whom he got to meet in 2014 and talk to on the show Roommates 2, but she didn't have much interest in him. Got7 ideal types. Here is my most likely unpopular opinion of what girls I can honestly see Got7 dating, marrying, etc. don't take this seriously it's just my opinion and was requested, it could be true or the exact opposite. Im Jaebum- honestly I only see JB marrying a cute petite Korean girl. Like I think he might be curious about other ethnicities/ nationalities but would be. Idol That Fits Your Ideal Type [IMG] Hello again. It's your friend Emanresu. Let's do another activity. What idol most closely fits your ideal..

* JB's ideal type is a cute girl who catches his attention. * Mark's ideal type is a woman who makes him want to stay with her. * Jackson's ideal type: When asked nowadays what his ideal type is, he would answer as long as they find themselves su.. With the #SongSongCoupleWedding still fresh in our heads and plenty of great husband material out there in the K-pop world, let's jump on the marriage bandwagon and find out who your ideal K-pop. GOT7 Ideal type ♡ Originally posted by twinmoles. Requested: yes!! A/n: hello!! More GOT7!! hope you enjoy!! Disclaimer: these are all my opinions, not facts. Jaebum someone chill someone who he can relax and unwind with someone who can bring out a more lively side to him as well I think he'd prefer someone on the sexier side someone glamorous and stylish, loves fashion . Originally posted.

Black Pink revealed their ideal types!. During a recent interview, when asked about their ideal types, Jennie first answered that she likes someone who is a hard worker.Jisoo answered next, A. Request: got7 and monsta x ideal types? The guys have stated their ideal types before. Not sure if they have changed over time, but this is the most up to date description of their ideal type. -Admin Ha Jae. GOT7. JB : She should meet his eye and generally be a cute appearance. Mark : A girl who makes him want to be with her You know very well about every single IZ*ONE member. Now you at the stage where you want to find out which IZ*ONE member is your ideal type. Each member o

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Got7 took the MBTI test on their Mnet show this week. I must say I was quite certain for some of my guesses but I was wrong. I learned that a) there are way more introvert ad sensor idols than I thought and b) what we see in camera is only a small piece of their real persona Confirmed types Mark - ISTJ (Si Te Fi Ne) - Decisive in practical affairs Im Jaebum's Ideal Type. Hard working; Brutally honest; Can take criticism; Also dead inside but is alive enough to like him; Someone willing to stand up to him; Will make fun of him ; Will push him to do his best when he's feeling down; Can read him !!!!! Will take care of him every once and awhile; Has to get along with the members; Me- admin Saturn ; Not overly romantic but not. Got7 Ideal Types + Note: Just like with my BTS ideal types, I will not be taking looks into consideration. This is purely based on personality alone.-Admin Max . Jaebum: JB could date a girl who is either really cutesy and quiet or someone who is crazy and adventurous, maybe even someone who is a little bit of both. He would probably want to date someone who has some walls that he can break.

Stray Kids ideal types. A/N: before I get into this, I will say I am in no way of knowing this for sure so try not to quote me exactly. When doing ideal types I typically try to go with who I think they'll like based on who they are closest to in the group and a few other things. if you want to add or talk about a member and his ideal type please send me an ask! Got7 Idealtypen. 6K 32 1 von Fraoulinos . durch Fraoulinos Folgen Sie Share . Per E-Mail teilen ; Story melden ; Senden An einen Freund senden Teilen . Per E-Mail teilen ; Story melden ; Ideale Looks süß, sexy, zwerg, jemand, der seine Aufmerksamkeit erregt. Es ist mir egal, wie sie aussieht. oder sich sogar wirklich um ihr Herz kümmern, nur um jemanden, der mir auffällt und an den ich gar.

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JB (GOT7) Facts and Profile, JB’s Ideal Type (Updated!)Teaser )) GOT7 - If You Do (Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom Ver

What Would Your Ideal Type of Boyfriend Be? Girls, it may seem like a daunting task choosing the right kind of guy for you, but thanks to this quiz, you'll know exactly what type of man you should be holding out for in the future [WT] Got7 JB reveals his ideal type on 'Bromance' Archived. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. [WT] Got7 JB reveals his ideal type on 'Bromance' By sly fox, December 27, 2016 in Netizen Nation. got 7; jb; Recommended Posts. sly fox 2,041 sly fox 2,041 Superstar; Member; 2,041 3,578 posts; Awards. GOT7 Members Profile 2017: GOT7 Ideal Type, GOT7 Facts GOT7 consists of 7 members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung (Junior), Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. GOT7 debuted on 16th January 2014, under JYP Entertainment. GOT7 Fandom Name: I GOT7 GOT7 Official Light Stick Color: Green and White GOT7 Official Accounts: Twitter: @got7official Instagram: @got7.with.igot7 Facebook: GOT7Official Youtube GOT7 Members Profile 2017: GOT7 Ideal Type, GOT7 Facts GOT7 (갓세븐) consists of 7 members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung (Junior), Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. GOT7 debuted on 16th January 2014, under JYP Entertainment. GOT7 Fandom Name: I GOT7 GOT7 Official Light Stick Color: Green and White GOT7 Official Accounts: Twitter: @got7official Instagram: @got7.with.igot7 Facebook: GOT7Official.

Got7. GOT7 Ideal types. Reactions. GOT7 reacting to their underage sibling drinking. GOT7 reacting to their s/o being 6ft tall . MTL. GOT7 MTL likely to want to cuddle after a bad day. GOT7 MTL likely to like their s/o having curly hair. Scenarios. GOT7 finding out their new member is a girl dressed up as a boy. GOT7 having a black/mixed partner. Originally posted by jiminschicken. Monsta x. Ideal Type Got7 Members His Eyes Polaroid Film Find out which Got7 member couldn't keep his eyes off you and will be unable to resist your individual charme. kpop,svt,wannaone,bts,got7 kpopfan GOT7

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Being a cuddlebug that doesn't mind skinship would be a huge plus as he strikes me as a guy who would LOVE that type of stuff. Couple outfits/items, cheesy romantic dates; you name it, he'd totally do it. And, the biggest thing for him; loving food. He'd be cooking for you nonstop so you'd better be ready because you're never going to be hungry again in your life Idols’ Ideal Types 2016 Compilation: GOT7 K-idols are in the midst of attention as they revealed their own ideal types. Most stars’ equable ideal types make their fans imagine how to be near to her ideal type. But don’t judge a thing by just what you see since some of the stars have occasio.. Each GOT7's Member Ideal Type Of Girls 2020. May 2019. As Ahgases, it's not enough if we only know about GOT7 members' activities. It's normal if we want to know more about their lives, personalities, or even what kind of people they would date. And . Got7 Youngjae Jaebum Got7 Got7 Jinyoung I Feel Lost Ideal Type Got7 Mark Tuan Got7 Members I Got 7 Best Kpop. More information. JB's ideal type is a cute girl who can attract his attention. 1. Latest Pictures Of JB. JB for NYLON Korea 2020 June Issue GOT7's JB DYE mini album promotion photoshoot by Naver x Dispatch JB for MAPS Magazine 2020 April Issue Vol. 143 GOT7 JB 2019 World Tour Keep Spinning photoshoot by Naver x Dispatch GOT7 JB 2019 World Tour 'KEEP SPINNING' in Manila by Naver x Dispatch GOT7 JB Call My.

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7.9m Followers, 24 Following, 346 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from KYUM (@yu_gyeom Stray Kids is a new group debuting under JYP Entertainment. They're already showing a lot of promise, and they haven't even official debuted yet. Below is Felix's member profile and facts. Information on Stray Kids' Lee Felix is light at the moment, so we'll be sure to update this page when we find out more about him GOT7's ideal types . Yugyeom - Somebody who has a different side of her. BamBam - A girl who has a pretty smile. Youngjae - Anybody who has a certain charm. Mark - Girl who makes me want to be with her. Jackson - Athletic girls JB - No preferences. If that person constantly stuck on his head, then he just kinda go for that girl Yugyeom (GOT7) Facts and Profile, Yugyeom's Ideal Type Stage Name: Yugyeom (유겸) Birth Name: Kim Yu Gyeom (김유겸) Nationality: Korean Birthday: November 17, 1997 Zodiac sign: Scorpio Height: 182 cm (6'0″) (GOT7 TMI Lab part one) Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs) Blood Type: A Specialties: Street dancing (krumping, house dance, popping) Hobbies: Playing the piano [ Youngjae (GOT7) Facts and.

Kpop Ideal Types - SHINee - WattpadOfficial) Got7 Thread - Got7 forever, Please leave if you9 Male Idols Known For Having Visuals That ScreamKangta reveals f(x)’s Victoria is his ideal type - OMONA

#got7 #got7 scenarios #;;q #jb #((thank you for completing the ideal type questions omg ive been waiting for someone to ask about jaebum)) #anonymous #asks #got7 scenario #kpop scenarios kpoplover101sworld liked thi Types of BTS stans Namjoon stans: fake deep but extremely aesthetic, the biggest perverts out of all mama, would gladly drown themselves in namjoon's d.].mples, 50' secondhand mbarrassment, sax proud moms, mves and guuuends seokjin stans: almost as fabulous as then: bias and they know lt, nella sassy, everyone wants to be fnends with them, pn makes chem zune: very anouonal or Very horny. Overnight Shipping. Zodiac ships are CLOSED. . Admin Mitchie does zodiac ships. Admin SV does selca ships. We also do snaps, texts, and mtls. So send them our way! Rules. BTS Ideal Types + Note: This is just my opinion and it may or may not be true. I don't really know because I don't know them personally. I am also not taking looks or anything like that into consideration. Jin: He would. Park Jin Young, referred to as Jinyoung, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor and a member of the boy band Got7 and boy band duo JJ Project. He made his acting debut in the drama Dream High 2 (2012) followed by supporting roles in When a Man Falls in Love (2013), This is My Love (2015), Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-2017) and as the main role in He Is Psychometric (2019). He made his. ATEEZ ideal types requested? — yes. notes — seeing as we don't know the boys personally, and none of them have actually mentioned their ideal type (as far as i know), this may not be the most accurate thing! however, i did do a little research to find out their venus signs, and tried to base these off of those!. seonghwa — he'd probably like someone who he can truly be himself with.

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